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French-Galician CLUVI Dictionary

(Based on the CLUVI Corpus of the University of Vigo)

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The French-Galician CLUVI Dictionary, developed by the SLI (Computational Linguistics Group of the University of Vigo), is a bilingual dictionary based on a representative corpus of French texts with their Galician translation. That parallel corpus is part of the Linguistic Corpus of the University of Vigo (CLUVI). All the French words in the dictionary are found in the CLUVI Corpus, as well as all of the Galician translations. Each of the selected bilingual equivalences is illustrated with a real usage example as found in the CLUVI Corpus. If you want to obtain more examples, please use the CLUVI web interface at http://ilg.usc.gal/cluvi/. This web application permits both simple and very complex searches of isolated words or sequences of words, and shows the multilingual equivalences of the terms in context, as found in real and referenced translations. Version 0.6 (2010) of this dictionay (2071 entries, 4053 translations) contains the French-Galician lexical equivalences with highest frequency in the CLUVI. In future versions, the French-Galician CLUVI Dictionary will be completed with more French entries and more French-Galician equivalences from the CLUVI.

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