Online Tool for Perceptual Experimentation


FOLERPA is an online tool for carrying out perceptual experiments, developed at the Instituto da Lingua Galega [Galician Language Institute]

The initial idea for creating this platform arose in the year 2012, in the Perceptual Study of Dialectal Prosodic Variation in Galician Project. A year later, at the Methodology for the Perceptual Study of Dialectal Prosodic Variation Symposium, the protoype for the "Resource Platform for Research in Perceptual Dialectology" was presented in partnership with the Linguistic Data Technologies and Analysis Network (TecAnDaLi). Finally, the first version of the current platform was presented in March 2014 at the 30th Forum Junge Romanistik (Berna) and in November of the same year at the 6th International Conference of Experimental Phonetics (Valencia).

The main purpose of this platform is to provide researchers with a series of integrated resources for carrying out perceptual experiments online, using a user-friendly, interactive and flexible graphical interface which does not require researchers to have prior knowledge in programming.

Registration is necessary in order to access the platform. Once registered, users can create perceptual tests, distribute tests to participants in the experiment, collect and download responses, and carry out a primary descriptive analysis of the results.

In FOLERPA, the entire experimental process takes place online, which allows access to the platform from any computer system with an Internet connection. Moreover, FOLERPA allows several participants to simultaneously carry out the same test from different computers connected to the Internet.