The Gondomar corpus

Gondomar is the outcome of a research project the objective of which is to compile a digital repository of all written documents from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Galician together with a set of tools which have been developed and provided to scholars and all those interested to help them analyse and study the corpus.

Gondomar offers a cleaned-up inventory of Middle Galician texts enriched with new substantial additions and text descriptions covering both typological classification and linguistic features. This inventory aims to inform about the whole text corpus of the period, noting false or apocryphal items and varying degrees of linguistic hybridization found in the texts, as well specifying place of origin and relevant bibliographical details.

Gondomar provides both edited texts and photographic facsimiles of the originals or the copies on which our editions are based. The texts were read and edited by members of the research team following criteria which are consistent, systematic and comparable to those used in similar scientific projects. Each edited text is provided in two versions, a very conservative palaeographic transcription and an interpretative edition, along with the ability to jump between the two.

The Gondomar project comes with tools permitting easy and reliable analysis of the linguistic data contained in the corpus; studies which analyse the data from a linguistic and pragmatic perspective, examine the circumstances in which texts were written and trace their history; and manuals presenting the criteria followed in transcription, edition, labeling and lemmatization.

This project was financed with help from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (FFI2013- 47589-P). 

Quoting this resource

  • Rosario Álvarez / Ernesto González Seoane (eds.) (2017), Gondomar. Corpus dixital de textos galegos da Idade Moderna. Santiago de Compostela: Instituto da Lingua Galega. <> [Consulted: date].