FOLERPA: Online Tool for Perceptual Experimentation

Main researcher : 
Team members: 
Marianela Fernández Trinidad
Victoria Marrero Aguiar

This project aims to provide researchers with a range of online integrated resources which enable carrying out perceptual experimentation while employing a user-friendly, interactive, and flexible graphical interface that does not require researchers to be knowledgeable about programming.

Currently, FOLERPA is comprised of four modules that allow researchers to fully develop the experimental process: a creation module, where tests can be built interactively, step-by-step; a dissemination module, which allows researchers to distribute the perceptual tests among the participants in the experiment by means of a URL (the URL allows participants to access and perform the tests in FOLErPa); an administration module, which allows researchers to work with already created tests; and an analysis module, where researchers can download the data and results obtained after the participants have completed the test.

The project’s most immediate lines of action include: extending the range of perceptual tests and experimental paradigms that can be carried out with FOLERPA; incorporating images and video into the experimental design; and implementing a module for the basic descriptive analysis of perceptual tests.

Execution date: 
2013 to 2020
Funded by: 
FILGA. Filoloxía e Lingüística Galega (GI-1743): Consolidación e estruturación 2017 GRC GI-1743. Funded by the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria. Xunta de Galicia. Reference: ED431C 2017/34. From 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2020.