Instituto da Lingua Galega

The Instituto da Lingua Galega (the Galician Language Institute) is a research centre affiliated to the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Since it was founded in May 1971, the Instituto has been working actively in the areas of Galician linguistic and philological research while simultaneously developing computer tools and applications which serve to make the results of such research available to the academic community and society as a whole. Additionally, the Instituto has made definitive contributions to the orthographic, grammatical, lexical and phonetic codification of the modern Galician language.

Its many publications over the past forty-some years in areas such as dialectology, lexicography, editions of texts, grammar, onomastics, the history of the Galician language and sociolinguistics form the most visible part of its output. More recently, this list has expanded to include textual and lexicographic corpora, as well as new tools for exploring and making the best use of on-line language data.

Throughout each year the Instituto holds conferences, seminars and scientific meetings with the aim of encouraging and guiding research by upcoming scholars, supporting the creation of fora for encounters and cooperation between its own staff and researchers elsewhere, and making known and giving critical validation of the results of its work.

As part of its activities, the Institute collaborates actively with researchers and research groups worldwide. Moreover, it maintains relations with several public institutions and national entities, especially with those that are part of its Governing Board, such as Real Academia Galega, Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística, Consello da Cultura Galega and Fundación Barrié, which has been supporting the Instituto since its inception.



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