Contacto e cambio lingüístico en galego

Team members: 
Elisabetta Carpitelli
Pedro Martín Butragueño
Gabriel Rei-Doval
Alberto Gómez Bautista

The general objective of this project is to identify the consequences of contact between varieties of contemporary Galician and to analyse their relationship with linguistic changes that have taken place over recent decades. For this purpose, an analysis of the documentation of oral language of different linguistic varieties (the standard variety, dialectal varieties of Galician and varieties of Spanish in Galicia) on the basis of linguistic registers and corpora developed over recent decades, and in which various team members take taken part, will be undertaken. The study will focus upon linguistic elements which belong to four levels of the linguistic system: phonetics, prosody, morphology and syntax. Data analysis will be carried out by employing qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Team members have prior experience in the kind of research development that is proposed here.

Previous studies concerning the contact between varieties in Galicia have focused above all upon lexical transference between varieties of Galician and the standard variety of Spanish, and have taken written language almost exclusively as their basis. The proposed Project seeks to research aspects of the linguistic system which until now have been overlooked, and moreover to do so from a perspective which examines the existence of multiple varieties which are in contact, in addition to movements of linguistic change in different senses (dedialectalization, dialectalization, convergence, divergence, etc.).

Execution date: 
2016 to 2018
Funded by: 
Ministerio de Economía e Competitividade (referencia FFI2015-65208-P) and Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional (FEDER, marco financeiro plurianual 2014‐2020).