Dialectal data documentation and analysis platform

Investigador principal: 
Membros do equipo: 
Soraya Suárez Quintas
David Rodríguez Lorenzo
Irene Santos Raña
Laura Calaza Díaz
José R. Ríos Viqueira
Rosa M. Crujeiras
Alberto Rodríguez Casal

Perceptual dialectology is a discipline that focuses on the study of the impressions, beliefs and attitudes of speakers regarding dialectal variation. Its main interest is the importance given to speakers linguistic reflections (folk linguistics), analysing their knowledge and thoughts about geolinguistic variation.

The main objective of this project is to create a computer tool designed to obtain and analyse information about the perceptions of Galician speakers regarding dialect variation in the Galician language area. Informants will emit value judgements after hearing auditory stimuli and then they will have to point out their geographical origin. Comparison of these data with those of traditional dialectology will be essential to evaluate how speakers can identify different geographical varieties in our territory and how traditional linguistic analysis coincides with the judgments of speakers.

This project has been funded with support from the Rede de investigación de Tecnoloxías e Análise de Datos Lingüísticos (TecAnDaLi).

Data de execución: 
Rede de Tecnoloxías e Análise dos Datos Lingüísticos. Programa de consolidación de unidades de investigación competitivas do SUG, Xunta de Galicia – FEDER (2014-2015)